Humanitarian and Compassionate

Under the Canadian immigration laws there is a special provision for people who would not normally be eligible to become permanent residents of Canada because of different reasons such as criminal past, medical inadmissibility etc. may be able to apply under Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds. Sometimes due to unique circumstances of a case, the situation can be given distinctive consideration and receive some exemptions based on H&C grounds.

Many H&C applications are based on degree of economic, cultural or family establishment in Canada which is significant in nature such as history of stable employment, filing regular Income Tax returns, paying Taxes regularly, investments made in Canada, future financial commitments and management, integrated into the community through community organizations, volunteer or other activities.

The applicant must demonstrate that they would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardships if they are to leave Canada. The hardships that applicant would face if the application is refused include quality and amount of family support or dependency in Canada as well as in the home country, best interests of the child when examining and deciding the circumstances of the applicant. Best interest of child involved must be strongly argued under H&C applications

Permanent residency applications on H&C grounds are approved only in exceptional circumstances where assessment is made on the information provided by applicant and a decision will be made based on personal circumstances of each individual. It takes several months to process the H&C applications.

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