Detention, Appeal, and Hearings

There are immigration cases which require immediate attention, due to the applicant being detained at the border or urgent need of appeals against various decisions of Immigration or CBSA officers or at different divisions of Immigration Refugee Board.

A Judicial Review is quite different from an appeal and is used when there has been a decision made that is either an error in law; an error in fact; or sometimes both. If there are grounds for a Judicial Review, a lawyer can take your case to Federal Court.

It is important to note that the court will not substitute or impose a decision, but the court will determine whether there are grounds to have the Immigration authorities re-examine your case (without prejudice) and make a decision taking all the facts into account.

All these cases are important; there is a sometimes flair and press attention associated with them. As each case is unique it is best to contact us directly with your unique set of circumstances and we will then be able to best direct you on how best to proceed.

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